CakeyBums empowers women both inside and outside of the gym

CakeyBums brand was created by Lauren Keefer in Wichita, Ks in 2019. We started with a focus on workout resistance bands but quickly molded into a fitness apparel company, inspired to motivate women lives.

Reaching our goals

         After a lot of research we received our first samples of workout bands. We quickly put together a group of women to test out our bands. From that test group, we got a lot of amazing feedback. While talking to the group of women about their fitness goals, dreams, and aspirations we realized our company would be more than just a fitness company. We inspire women to reach their fitness goals inside the gym and to follow their dreams outside the gym.

         Soon after, we connected with our local Supplement World store to collaborate on small fitness camps with our resistance bands. In 2020, CakeyBums expanded our booty camps and collaborated with gyms around the Midwest! We launched our first pair of ribbed scrunch booty leggings in summer 2020 and plan to expand our fitness apparel line as we continue to grow.

"CakeyBums influences women to inspire each other to conquer and pursue their goals together."

About/inspire each other

Our Belief

1. Take action to support and uplift each other as women
2. Influence others to use their full potential by spreading a positive aura, work ethic and influence around to others.
3. Exchange skills and talents that can be used to help each other in the pursuit of reaching our dreams and goals.

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