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Cakey Bums Blog Announcement!

Posted on September 01 2019

Cakey Bums Blog Announcement!

Hello Cakey Crew,

Lo and Fran here, and we are excited to introduce to you our Cakey Blog! We can't wait to share more about Cakey Bums, growing the culture and inspiring others to reach their goals both inside and outside the gym. We believe that it's important to build with those around us because together, we truly are capable of achieving anything. We believe every single person possesses talents and skills that can be used to help each other reach our goals and dreams.  Together, if we follow the recipe of success, there is no ceilings for what we can achieve.

Through our journey in life, both Fran and I believe we've gained some great wisdom that we wanted to share with others. We wanted to create a place to express what we've learned, while creating conversations with others where we can exchange our wisdom amongst each other, while having a place of support and growth. 

We can't wait to share all we've learned, and hear from you, too! Thank you for your endless support!


Lo and Fran

Cakey Team

Cakey Team


  • jcwxrtonck: November 12, 2020

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • reOSWRbiZYwDvx: September 05, 2020


  • VQBCRTHGDPLk: September 05, 2020


  • Chandler Benway: September 03, 2019

    Cakey Bums is such a unique company! How you guys support, motivate, inspire and build up the women and men that use your products is one of the many reasons that I love working with this company! It is easy to buy in to the companies beliefs and message that we are all here to support each other and bring out the best in ourselves. I can not wait to see what you do in the future, I know you will go very far!

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