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Hello Queen, 


We are so happy to announce that we are officially opening up our Cakey Bums Rep Program to ALL Cakey Queens. A lot of you have asked, and now we are delivering you the BEST rep program out there!! Cakey Bums culture is all about queens helping queens, so it’s only fair that we give back to the queens who help us! We wanted to infiltrate a rewards system that you would love just as much as you love repping our bands. We are building the cake, layer by layer, and we can’t wait to put the icing on top! 


The first requirement to becoming one of our reps is filling out our Cakey Bums Rep Questionnaire. We want to get to know all the queens who represent us, your journey, your goals and more about what makes you, YOU! The second requirement is having a Cakey Bums Band! If you don’t have a band yet, no worries! We got you, sis! Click the link at the end of the survey for 20% off your band!


Once you get accepted into the program we will set you up with a unique code. This code will be the way you work your way through the layers of our Cakey Rep Program. The more people you get to use your code, the more cake you get! Each layer has a different reward waiting for you! 


We are so excited for you to officially be part of the culture!!! It’s great to see all women making the change to our new Cakey Bums no slip, no roll, cloth resistance band. Our band is the perfect band to replace that old, annoying, rubber loop band.  We love the effects that our  the loop resistance band is giving our glutes! We can’t wait for everyone to try our Cakey Bums Band. 

Cakey Team 🎂