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  • No is the new YES! Part #1

    Sep 16 2019

    It's Lo here! You may be a little confused by the title of this post but you are reading it correctly! No is the new YES! But why? Let me...

  • Reaching your goals is a journey!

    Sep 09 2019

    Hello Queens, Lo here! I know most of our Cakey Queens have goals and dreams they are trying to reach, both inside and outside of the gy...

  • Greatness is in ALL of US!

    Sep 04 2019

    Hello Queens, Lo here. I am so excited Fran and I decided to connect on a more personal level with the Cakey Crew! Cakey Bums not only m...

  • Cakey Bums Blog Announcement!

    Sep 01 2019

    Hello Cakey Crew, Lo and Fran here, and we are excited to introduce to you our Cakey Blog! We can't wait to share more about Cakey Bums...