Meet ICING Designer - Kristina Hendricks

I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Kristina Hendricks and I am the designer of ICING by CakeyBums! 

I first fell in love with group fitness after my professional career as a dancer for the Miami HEAT came to an end. I was craving another fun way to stay in shape outside of dance, and I found my new “heartbeat” inside the pumping energy of a group fitness class. 

Having instructed group fitness now at least three times per week for almost five years, it’s safe to say I have worn A LOT of different pairs of leggings. I’ve had my favorites, and I’ve had the pairs that were simply just part of my rotation. Being a Life Coach, I encourage my clients every day to take steps towards their goals. Well, it was always MY goal for anyone who ever took my group fitness classes to find their own “heartbeat” and to be on their own journey towards their best selves, inside & out. 

We might not always step into the world for the day with a positive mindset, but we CAN always be one step closer in this collection designed just for you, just for that reason. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on! 


Kristina Hendricks 

Designer of ICING by CakeyBums

Certified/Accredited Health & Life Coach

Group Fitness Instructor 

Former Professional NBA Dancer

Collection: ICING